Holistic Therepies

Beautique offers a wide range of holistic therapies, which are listed below with their descriptions and benefits.

Swedish Massage

Also known as a classical massage. This treatment incorporates long, flowing strokes at a light to medium pressure to aid circulation, relaxation, reducing pain and tension, joint stiffness and improving overall functions of the body while creating a sense of well being.

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential Oils are combined and blended to create a massage oil providing multiple benefits tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth basalt stones have been used for centuries for their healing power of heat and energy. Hot Stone Massage is relaxing and naturally therapeutic, aiding in the easing of muscle tension and stiffness, decreasing stress and anxiety, decreasing chronic pain and aiding in warming deeper tissues, providing an overall sense of well being. 

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a gentle healing treatment based on Ayurvedic philosophy. It's been a long part of traditional family life in India for over a thousand years, helping to relieve stress, anxiety and can help sooth your aches. You will be sitting upright for the treatment and a variety of movements will be used over your back, neck, shoulders, scalp and the face.


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment which uses the feet to treat the whole body. The treatment involves massage and specialised thumb and finger techniques to stimulate specific reflex points in the feet. The feet represent a map of your body and visa versa. Reflexology has the capability of bringing a state of relaxation and can help reduce stress, physical and emotional healing becomes possible.